Lakeisha Richmond, a mother of two, has apologized for attacking an alleged child molester with a baseball bat. Richmond says her sons told her that Tony Massey, their little league football coach, had touched them and other children inappropriately. Richmond says she didn't mean to hurt Massey, but had to protect her children.

After learning of the alleged abuse, Richmond saw Massey walking alone on Saturday, so she popped her trunk and retrieved a baseball bat. Massey was later discovered by police "shirtless, and bleeding from the head and face." Richmond was arrested for aggravated assault. 

Massey has yet to be arrested, but police are investigating the accusations of abuse. At the moment, he's still hospitalized and in serious condition. Richmond said "When I see him, I see my kids being hurt and that’s all I see." In the heat of the moment, most parents would have reacted the same way.

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[via NY Daily News]