Kickstarter has been on a tear as of late with some campaigns raising over $10 million. The porn industry, which is working hard to figure out a way to make paper in the digital age, wants in. There's only one problem: Kickstarter's guidelines prohibits the raising of money for "pornographic material." No worries, that's what Offbeatr is for. 

Launched last Thursday, Offbeatr is essentially a Kickstart for porn. Have a cool adult video, book, or art idea and want funding? This is the place to go. The site is very similar to Kickstarter, but differs in some interesting ways. In order to begin soliciting donations, your project has to be approved by the Offbeatr board. The site says in addition to interesting ideas, its also looking for "creators who will follow through." 

Another big difference is the voting system. With Kickstarter, the most popular projects are those with the most funding. Offbeatr adds a twist: Users can vote for projects they think are cool without having to donate dough. 

The company's CEO, Ben Tao, speaking to TechCrunch, said he hopes the site will push the porn industry's creative envelope and allow people who work in the industry to take more risks with "business models, products they make, and how they reach out to their customers.”

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