Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga had a sleepover of sorts at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, California, last month.

Perhaps that's when they hatched their plan for Lindsay to star in the provocative pop singer's next music video, presumably for a song from her highly-anticipated third album ARTPROP.

Due to Gaga’s superstar status, this would be "Lindsay’s biggest [role] by far in many, many years,” a source tells Page Six.

While we wouldn't go that far— it's just a music video, after all— it's certainly a different look than Kickstarter-funded films with male pornstars. 

Gaga's camp is keeping quiet on the matter.

“Lady Gaga’s not shooting a music video at this time,” says a source close to her.

Which is basically code for, "Lady Gaga is shooting a video right now, actually."

[via NY Post]