Has it really come to this?

Listen: The situation in the  Chicago area is not good right now; the city is looking at a record high in murders for the year. But Plainfield, IL, Police Chief John Konopek wants to place officers inside of high schools in the district, and store AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifles inside of locked school offices to deal with potential school shootings. Only school officers would have access to the weapons, but is putting more guns in schools the way to solve the problem?

According to Konopek, officers will be better prepared to handle a school shooting scenario with a long gun that offers better range and more stopping power, as opposed to a handgun. Also, keeping rifles in the schools makes them easier to access for officers, who keep their rifles inside of their vehicles. 

This proposal has been met with opposition, but the school board is seriously considering the request, and plans to vote on it this coming Monday

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[via The Huffington Post]