One of the most anticipated new changes to the upcoming iPhone is a taller 4-inch screen— up from the 3.5-inch on the current and all previous gens. The new display will reportedly have a resolution of 640 x 1136. So what happens when you take the developers build of iOS 6, the operating system of the next iPhone, and tell it to run at the new resolution? 9to5 Mac ran a test and got some revealing results.

At 640 x 1136, iOS 6 scales to allow five icons per row, compared to the standard of four icons-per row that has been in place on all previous generations of the iPhone. And if you run the latest version of iOS 5 at the same resolution? No scaling takes place. It sticks to four icons and just spaces the rows out.

So it looks like iOS 6 was specifically designed to run on a taller screen. Only about a month now until we see that screen in all its glory.

[via 9to5 Mac]