"The kindness of strangers" is an elusive concept most people couldn't comfortably count on, but most people aren't Joseph Garner. He's the man behind Craigslist Joe, a new documentary that sets out to prove it's possible to live off the altruism of Craigslist ads alone for an entire month.

Color us skeptical, but Craigslist doesn't exactly strike us as a beacon of humanity—it's more like a hub of fibs, fetishes, and mental illnesses. Feeling the need to validify our pessimistic notions, we scoured the site seeking do-gooders and philanthropists, yet all we could find were sketchy wares and questionable morals. Luckily, while the latter isn't exactly inspiring, it is entertaining. See for yourselves: The 20 Craziest Ads Currently On Craigslist.

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