It's Internet fact: You're nobody until you're made into a meme. Since being announced as already memed-out Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's running mate nearly two weeks ago, US Representative Paul Ryan has been immortalized in meme-form countless times, from simple concepts that merely mock his standpoint on political and social issues to the most popular "Paul Ryan Gosling" concept that is basically Feminist Ryan Gosling without the Ryan Gosling. Or the feminism, for that matter. Hey, we didn't say that "somebody" memes would transform you into would be a good somebody.

Anyway, in honor of Ryan's newly cemented status as GOP vice-presidential candidate, we thought we'd take the opportunity to make fun of him/put together a list of The 10 Funniest Paul Ryan Memes floating around cyberspace. The Internet welcomes you to the race, dude.

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