Facebook has recently performed a sweep and deleted accounts of individuals who liked to cosplay in their spare time. Cosplay is a hobby enjoyed by individuals across the world who like to dress up and perform as a character. Harmless hobby, no?

The Facebook profile "Iggy Cosplay," which was the "hobby" account of cosplayer Iggy Tissera, was shut down yesterday. Iggy does have another account used for professional purposes. Even though he is aware that Facebook does not allow aliases, he is upset that his account was deleted without warning.

According to Iggy, “other than not using a real name," his account "did not violate any other Facebook terms of use." “Having a account for a costuming alias as opposed to a fan page was much more personable," he said. 

While Facebook hasn't given an official statement on the recent deletion of cosplay accounts, a spokesperson for the social network did tell the Daily Dot that "Facebook profiles that have been reported or detected for policy violations, including the use of fake names, may be deleted by Facebook".

Well, we learned a lesson today: There is nothing wrong with dressing up  and acting like your favorite character in your spare time, just don't do it on Facebook.

[via Mashable]