Facebook went all in for the London 2012 Olympics. For the 30th Summer Games, the social network launched a portal that featured information on every sport and nearly every athlete. Now that the games are over, Facebook parsed through all the data and has released stats regarding the way Facebook was used during the international tournament. 

The short of it is: People went nuts. Facebook saw over 116 million posts and comments relating to the games and athletes, and 12.2 million Likes. Usain Bolt was the most liked athlete, with one million people liking the three-time gold medalist's page, bringing the total to 8.1 million. The most-winning Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, came in second with 850,000 Likes. 

Head to Facebook to see more stats and to check out the some athlete posts that caught its eye. 

[Facebook via TNW]