Facebook is nearly at a milestone. The eight-year-old social network is 55 million shy of one billion registered users. Sure, the higher-ups expected to already be at a billion users, but it's still a big deal. However, if you take into account all the "fake" accounts, Facebook is much farther from its goal than originally thought. 

According to the company's most recent financial filings, Facebook has 83.09 million questionable accounts. That is, accounts that are used for spamming purposes, duplicates, or made for people's pets. As Fast Company points out, Facebook has more fake accounts than Instagram has real ones. Crazy. The social network has been under attack as of late by companies alleging that the ads they run on Facebook are clicked on by fake, or bot, accounts. 


In short: People, please stop making Facebook pages for your dogs and cats.  

[via Fast Company]