If you want someone to blame for the fact that there will never be a Game of Thrones/The Wire crossover, we've got your answer: Dominic West. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, West revealed that he was actually approached to appear in the series next season, but turned the role down because he'd never seen the show.

"I was offered something on 'Game of Thrones,'" he began, "and unfortunately, I hadn't seen it, but my nephew and his father said, 'Gosh, "Game of Thrones" is the only great show on!' And I felt terrible, because I'd just turned them down."

West went on to say that he didn't quite remember the character's name as he hadn't read the books, but the role was important - similar to Sean Bean's integral part in the first season as Ned Stark - and would have involved filming "in Reykjavik [Iceland] for six months."

[via Huffington Post]