Fans have bitched endlessly about Diablo 3's stale end-game environment, with nothing to do past level 60 besides grind endlessly for tough-to-find loot, and Blizzard has listened—today they've announced the addition of a new "Paragon" system to address some of the game's issues.

Paragon consists of 100 additional levels to be gained after a Diablo 3 character reaches level 60. Paragon doesn't replace existing levels, though a character's Paragon level will be visible wherever their normal level is.

Each Paragon level enhances the core attributes of strength, dexterity, intelligence, and vitality, as well as adding 3 percent to magic find and 3 percent to gold find, with a cap—including gear stats—of 300 percent. That way characters who swap gear frequently to get the best drops without sacrificing stats can continue to do so, but at Paragon level 100, they'll no longer have to.

Do Paragon levels address your main problems with the game (giving players more to do post-level 60 and rampant and annoying gear-swapping)? Or are there still more issues to be dealt with? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

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