Apple is wiping the slate clean after its most recent ad campaign landed with an uncharacteristic thud. The "Genius" ads, in which a fresh-faced Apple Store Genius helps ordinary people through extraodinary and (supposedly) humorous scenarios, have been pulled from the company's website and YouTube channel.

Many observers were perplexed by the ads when they first began airing earlier this month during the Olympics. The slapstick tone of the spots marked a departure from the elegant, product-focused advertisements Apple has been known for in the past. The ads only aired for a brief time before being pulled from Olympics coverage, a decision Apple insisted wasn't a response to negative criticism.

But if there was any doubt that the Cupertino company now finds the ads regrettable, it was stripped away today along with the ads themselves from Apple's online portals. It looks like the image-conscious company will have to go back to the drawing board.

[via 9to5 Mac]