Amanda Bynes can't drive.

According to TMZ, the actress was involved in yet another hit-and-run accident. A Los Angeles woman filed a police report claiming Bynes rear-ended her Toyota Corolla with her BMW, then drove off without offering up her insurance information.

The woman said at some point after they crashed, they did have a conversation, and that she didn't really realize it was Amanda Bynes at first, but then she realized who she was. She went into her car to grab her insurance card, but Bynes seemed nervous about exchanging info. Bynes then tried to push her bumper back into place and said she didn't appear to have much damage. Then Bynes got into her car and drove away.

If you'll recall, Bynes was arrested on April 6th on suspicion of DUI, and was also accused of hit-and-run accidents on May 5th and May 27th, respectively.

Message to her handlers, get this woman a driver ASAP!

[via TMZ]