Why you think it'll work: You're young and desperate to start your career. Or, you've been recently laid off and need to readjust your professional path. Either way, you need a foot in the door. 

Why it won't: There's no such thing as entry level. Companies ride an army of interns, churning debt-crippled recent grads like bingo balls in an ever spinning cage. It's a black hole of unpaid jobs replacing paid positions, which creates an even more crowded job market with fewer jobs.

Keep your eyes open, don't take anything for granted, and if those slave drivers don't hire you, report them to the Department of Labor. They only investigate companies that draw complaints. Learning to be a not-to-be-fucked-with hardass is the first step in becoming a tycoon.

[Ed. note—The last nugget of advice was given by a freelance writer who, at 26-years-old, still does not pay his own cell phone bill.]