Why you think it'll work: You're a driven person, hard working, and at the top of your sport. All you're missing is validation and nothing proves an athlete like Olympic gold.

Why it won't: Every four years, Americans pretend to care about swimming and gymnastics. It's fun. If you didn't fall in love with that Gabby Douglas girl, have your head checked. You're a monster. 

But unless you're Michael Phelps, a gymnast, or a sprinter, nobody cares. Have you ever heard of Kristin Armstrong? Nope? She's a gold medal cyclist, show some respect! Christian Taylor? C'mon, dude can triple jump his ass off! 

These athletes train tirelessly, most are amateurs, and there's rarely an endorsement deal for the champions. Then, the United States taxes the $25K in gold medal earnings on the very people sacrificing to represent our country. Is being the best trampoline jumper in the world worth all that?