Platform: Nintendo DS

FSR may be the strangest game Suda 51 has made. The protagonist is a “searcher”—sort of a private eye for the lost-and-found—that helps clients recover missing objects. When you arrive at the tropical resort Flower, Sun and Rain, it (confusingly) seems you’ve got an easy task of bomb defusing ahead of you at the nearby airport, but the hotel guests have other plans. While you’re busy helping an angel get drunk or a wrestler discover the key to his philosophy (things they’ve lost), time ticks on, and at the end of each day, the plane you were supposed to save from a bomb threat explodes before the day repeats, Groundhog Day-style. It gets weirder: you carry a briefcase named “Catherine,” sort of a catch-all device that inexplicably solves any problem—with math. FSR’s dreamlike gameplay makes it the most Lynchian game on this list, with long dialogue exchanges that make little sense and a questionable perception of what’s real. It’s also one you have to play with a pencil and notepad. Feel high yet?