Losing streak: Good Burger (1997), Varsity Blues (1999), Ready to Rumble (2000), Hardball (2001), The Perfect Score (2004), The Shaggy Dog (2006), Norbit (2007), Meet Dave (2008), A Thousand Words (2012)

If only Eddie Murphy had actually watched any of Brian Robbins’ films before stepping foot onto the set of Norbit, his first of three career-tainting collaborations with the director. Had he done so (and we’re presuming that the comedy legend didn’t, simply using common sense), Murphy would have realized that the former actor isn’t the best judge of screenplay quality.

Whether it’s through dumbass comedic sludge (Ready to Rumble, Wild Hogs) or syrupy, unconvincing drama (Hardball, Radio), Robbins has long displayed an attraction to second-rate material, and his skills behind the camera routinely fail to upgrade the faulty products.

So if news hits about yet another Murphy/Robbins team-up ever surfaces again, there'd be no one else to blame but Mr. Delirious himself.