The cast of The Wolverine is finally coming together, and as you might have already guessed, most of the talent involved in this movie will be of Asian descent. According to Variety (via Collider), Will Yun Lee (Die Another Day, Elektra) has been cast in the role of Harada, aka the Silver Samurai. He is the mutant son of a Yakuza crime boss who has a serious hatred for Wolverine.

Not only does he don a nearly-indestructible suit of armor, but he also has the mutant ability to charge whatever he touches with a dangerous energy. He often uses this power to charge his sword that becomes powerful enough to cut through Wolverine's adamantium.

But that's not the only news to come from this project because according to Coming Soon, the rest of the major supporting players just got cast as well. Hiroyuki Sanada is set to play Shingen, father of the Silver Samurai and a powerful crime boss; Hal Yamanouchi will play Yashida; Tao Okamoto will play Mariko, daughter of Shingen and lover of Wolverine; and Rila Fukushima will play Yukio, the deadliest assassin in the Shingen clan.

The movie will begin filming in Australia on sound stages this August with on-location shooting happening in Japan as well.

The Wolverine will hit theaters on July 26, 2013.

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