The Heisman Trophy is a funny thing. Sure, it signifies greatness in college football, but as you look back at the winners across the years, there are some definite head-scratchers. For every Earl Campbell and Eddie George, there's a Ty Detmer and Chris Weinke. The bottom line is that the Heisman Trophy does not guarantee a player's success on his next team.

To salute EA NCAA Football 13, which drops today and allows you to play past Heisman winners on any college team, here's a quick breakdown on 10 former Heisman holders, and whether or not you want them on your squad. To pick up your copy of EA NCAA Football 13 today, click here.

For the Win:

  • Roger Staubach: This two-time Super Bowl winning QB helped build the Cowboys into a dynasty.
  • Marcus Allen: The MVP of Super Bowl XVIII, Allen was one of the most dynamic running backs ever to play the game.
  • Barry Sanders: In some sense still the measure of any great running back today, Sanders walked away from the game just short of becoming its all-time rushing leader.
  • Ricky Williams: When Ricky was on his game, he was one of the best running backs playing. He can also provide holistic medical treatment to your team, so there's that.
  • Cam Newton: Have we ever seen a rookie year like Cam Newton's? We see a lot more hardware in this guy's future.

Not Exactly:

  • O.J. Simpson: To give O.J. his due, he was a great NFL running back. Otherwise, he had a few problems.
  • Gino Torretta: We're not exactly sure where Gino Torretta is right now, but the Jersey Shore seems like a good guess.
  • Rashan Salaam: He was the man in college, but injuries and less-than-stellar conduct derailed his pro career.
  • Ron Dayne: He looked like a beast coming out of Wisconsin, but just never managed to get it going with either the Giants, Broncos, or Texans.
  • Eric Crouch: A Heisman winner at QB, Crouch was forced to change positions in the NFL. Unfortunately, wide receiver/safety Eric Crouch didn't achieve take-off.