After Bill Maher mockingly compared President Obama to Wayne Brady because of their lack of "real blackness," Brady went on Aisha Tyler's podcast with a few choice words for the comedian. Brady started off by venting that Maher's comments were meant to be, "a diss to Obama to be called me because (Maher) wants a brother-brother."

Brady then said that Maher shouldn't claim to know what being black really means, "just cause you fuck black hookers." He then continued by saying he would, "gladly slap the shit out of Bill Maher in front of Coco and Ebony and Fox, the three ladies of the night he has hired."

Well, now we have evidence that Bill Maher allegedly enjoys the company of black hookers and that Wayne Brady's classic skit on Chapelle's Show might have been more accurate than we thought. If you want to hear this rant, just check out the audio provided above. In the meantime, don't piss off Wayne Brady.

[via The Hollywood Reporter