Google+ wasn't the only social network to roll out upgraded mobile apps. Twitter yesterday released new versions of its iPhone and Android apps that sport support for expanded tweets, Twitter's new revised search, and push notifications for tweets. 

Last month, Twitter allowed a select number of partners to use its expanded tweets feature to cram their tweets full of more information—story previews, images, videos, etc.—than social network's 140-character limit could hold. Users were able to view the specialized tweets on Now, they can on the Twitter mobile app. 

The most exciting new feature, though, is the ability to set up notifications for your favorite Twitter accounts. If you never want to miss when a person, company, or pet that you follows spits out 140-characters of greatness, you can make it so Twitter alerts you each and every time. Twitter recommends using it to follow local news feeds, we recommend using it to stay abreast of Rihanna's latest and greatest. 

[via Twitter]