Despite the fact that it won't be officially released until this Friday, The Dark Knight Rises is already beginning to make a killing at the box office. According to Deadline, the film has already sold about $25 million in advance tickets, and apparently, "MovieTickets surveys found that, of the people aware of The Dark Knight Rises, 78% said they would see it opening weekend." Hear that? That's the sound of records shattering

As with any gigantic superhero-esque film's release, the comparisons have already begun rolling in, with everyone from execs to bloggers wondering if the film will beat The Avengers record-setting earnings at the box office. "Some moguls are telling me no, some moguls are telling me yes," says Nikki Finke at Deadline, but if you ask director Christopher Nolan, don't ask: "I don’t want to be just a superhero movie. I want to be our movie," he told Entertainment Weekly at the premiere. "But I don’t want to seem arrogant, either. I just want people to come into the theater with only the two previous [Batman] movies in their heads."

Still, we're likely going to have to wait until next week to find out whether or not Batman can take the Avengers in this box office fight, so now is probably the best time to put in your bets. 

Do you plan on seeing the film opening weekend?

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