Stars: Danny McBride, Steve Little, Katy Mixon, Jason Sudeikis, John Hawkes, Jennifer Irwin, Elizabeth De Razzo, Ike Barinholtz, Bo Mitchell, Lily Tomlin, Crispin Freeman

If there's ever been a comedy show with a built-in expiration date, it's HBO's Eastbound & Down, which is why we're a bit unsure about the shared decision of series runners Danny McBride, Jody Hill, David Gordon Green, and their other creative counterparts to go ahead and work on a fourth season. Had they kept the originally discussed tactic of ending things this year, Kenny Powers (McBride), the world's angriest, most delusional baseball has-been would've been sent off on a high note.

Confronted with fatherhood and finally having to grow up (read: stop chasing tail and getting shitfaced all the time), the hard-partying pitcher maintained his endearing obnoxiousness, chasing Minor League redemption alongside a like-minded new sidekick (Jason Sudeikis) and his trusty old one (Steve Little).

But, hey there are certainly positives about a fourth Eastbound & Down season: Now we'll be able to hear plenty more of his foul-mouthed one-liners.