The comedy gods should award Seth MacFarlane with endless spoils. Thanks to the Family Guy creator's genuinely hilarious box office smash Ted, the funny movie genre hasn’t been a complete washout as of late. Other than MacFarlane’s profane teddy bear come to life, Hollywood’s comedic output this summer has left much to be desired; you know it’s rough times when the most noteworthy contribution is Adam Sandler’s flop That’s My Boy.

Yet, who would’ve thought our salvation would arrive courtesy of some Danish folks? Courtesy of Drafthouse Films, last year’s film festival darling Klown is set to open in limited release tomorrow, and it’s something special: a potty-mouthed comedy that’s ripe with filth and sleaze, but is also an exercise in precise character development.

Written by stars Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen, Klown follows a screw-up, Frank (played by Hvam), who, hoping to convince his pregnant wife that he’s fit to be a father, kidnaps his 12-year-old nephew and brings the kid on a canoe trip. Except, instead of taking in the countryside scenery while getting some upper-body workouts in, Frank, his skirt-chasing buddy Casper (Christensen), and the youngster run afoul of high school students, a frisky female loner, and a high-class brothel, amongst other very funny mishaps.

With Klown, Denmark is the latest country outside of the United States to show Hollywood’s tastemakers how belly laughs are properly delivered. To catch up with the best of the rest, check out our countdown of The 25 Best Foreign Comedy Movies.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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