Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Barry Kitson, Steve Epting, Rick Magyar, Ron Garney, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and Karl Kesel

The year started with writer Jonathan Hickman and company in the middle of their massive Fantastic Four epic titled “Forever.” It tied up multiple plot threads from Hickman’s previous years on the book, as well as plots that past writers introduced.

With intergalactic wars, alternate versions of Reed Richards, a showdown with Galactus, and plenty of complicated sci-fi themes throughout, Hickman managed to craft a Fantastic Four story that was just as smart as it was personal. Amidst this massive blockbuster, Hickman still found time to focus the family's personal story that has made this book endure for decades.

But even after “Forever” ended, Hickman’s momentum on the book hasn’t stopped. We have since seen stories involving time travel, an alternate look at the team’s origins, and a recent trip to Wakanda that reminds us just how expansive the Marvel Universe really is.

If you haven’t been reading Hickman’s work here, we certainly don’t suggest you try to hop on now. Go back to the beginning and start the arduous task of catching up. It will be difficult, but completely worth it. Chances are we won’t see another run like this at Marvel for quite some time.