Writer: Nathan Edmondson
Artist: Nic Klein

Honestly, we didn’t even know Dancer was in the works at the beginning of the year, but here we are in July and it has quickly become one of the best books at Image Comics. Written by Nathan Edmondson (Who is Jake Ellis?), with art by Nic Klein (Viking), Dancer is a stripped-down pulse-pounding thriller that packs an unpredictable punch into every issue.

In the book, a former spy named Alan Fisher attempts to retire with his ballerina girlfriend named Quinn, though she has no idea about his past. Unfortunately, just as the happy couple decides to settle down, Alan’s twisted clone shows up and kidnaps Quinn. Now Alan has to rescue his girlfriend, while finding out who created this clone and why. It may only be three issues deep as of now, but this is one of the few titles that we count the days until the next installment is to be released.

Touting the break-neck pace of the Bourne Identity and the gritty sci-fi feel of Who is Jake Ellis?, Dancer should serve to make both Edmondson and Klein household names in the comic book world. With deep plots and some of the best art around (just take a look at Klein’s beautiful rendition of Dresden), Dancer just proves that you don’t need flashy gimmicks and superpowers to make a good comic.