This show can be pinpointed as the first reality dating show, and for that reason alone, it earns a spot here. It's because of The Dating Game that every single other show on this list exists; hell, it’s because of this series that this list itself exists. So, yes, we blame everything that’s ever gone wrong in our lives on this show. 

The concept was pretty simple: Contestants would question three potential suitors sight unseen, and, in the end, choose one based off of the answers. They would then be allowed to see who they chose as well as the two they turned down, a.k.a., that which could have been.

The only redeeming quality about The Dating Game, perhaps, was the fact that often times you could almost see the disappointment percolating on the face of the contestant when they saw how much hotter the other suitors were than the one they picked. What a way to start a relationship!