Director: Abel Ferrara
Stars: Willem Dafoe, Shanyn Leigh, Natasha Lyonne, Paul Hipp

The whole "end of the world" scenario has been beaten to death by Hollywood, so the proposition of a radically different version of that conceit is actually enticing. But when said tweak is to completely remove any and all excitement in favor of boring dialogue, constant whining, and unappealing dreariness, it's impossible not to miss the brainless and shallow world of Michael Bay.

Abel Ferrara, the veteran filmmaker behind classics like Bad Lieutenant and King of New York, decided to neuter his edginess and write about two insufferable lovers (Willem Dafoe and blank slate Shanyn Leigh) bickering with each other the day before all of humanity ceases to exist.

Since neither of its main characters is the least bit interesting or sympathetic, 4:44 Last Day on Earth meanders along for the longest 85 minutes imaginable. It'll make you wish the world really was about to end, if only to conclude the viewing agony.