Movie: Color of Night (1994)
Writers: Billy Ray and Matthew Chapman

The first mistake committed by the producers of Color of Night was casting the exceptionally attractive Jane March to play Rose, the hot piece of rump that psychoanalyst Bill (Bruce Willis) starts having hardcore sex with at his own leisure. Unable to look away from March's beauty the entire time, it's even harder for us to look at the teenage "boy" Richie, one of Bill's patients, and not see the resemblance to Rose. It doesn't help matters that Richie wants to be a girl.

When bodies start dropping, Bill takes a deeper look at the situation, and what does he discover? Richie is actually Rose, who, a la Psycho's Norman Bates and his knife-wielding mother, at times plays the part of her long-dead brother, Richie. That's a laughable twist in and of itself, but the fact that a looker like March plays both characters makes it more obvious than jolting.