A 17-year-old in Florida was hospitalized after authorities day he shot himself in the head after taking shrooms because he believed he was dreaming and wanted to "wake up" from a bad trip.  

The teenager, Steve Tilbury, had just woken up after taking the drug with some friends, and, feeling as if "it wasn't real," took a gun from his parents bedroom and shot himself in the forehead in an effort to wake himself up. "Tilbury said he thought if he shot himself he would wake up from the bad dream," investigators said of the incident.

Miraculously, Tilbury survived the gunshot, and after cleaning up the blood, he bandaged the wound up and went outside where he asked a passerby to take him to the hospital. "I just wanted to wake up from the bad nightmare," he said. "I am happy and I love my life."

[via Gawker]