EA Sports has switched up the passing game in order to make the title reflect offensive changes in the real world game. The new QB drop back animations make executing certain plays easier as the QB now automatically drops back to the correct position after the snap of the ball (pump fakes are also automatic in trick plays where they are utilized). 

The changes are much more noticeable in the throwing animations too. EA Sports added 20 new passes to the QB arsenal, meaning players are no longer relegated to just a bullet or lob pass. The touch is aided by the also new Total Control Passing feature which lets users use the left analog stick to lead receivers and aim passes where they want them to go (within reason).

We think everyone will welcome those changes. However one change to the passing game that we'll see hardcore NCAA Football players bitching about incessantly is the new timing and receiver awareness.  Once the ball is snapped, the receiver icon is considerably dimmed until he has run his full route. The QB can throw the ball at anytime but the user must take control of the receiver mid-route if they expect him to make the catch.  Granted, the user catch controls are more intuitive but it takes some getting used to and we know how gamers hate changes.