Unscripted, live fights are always hilarious, but when they happen on a major news network like CNN, well, they're just a must-see. There's something about people with perfectly-coiffed hair and suits that cost more than our rent losing that their shit that speaks to us, you know?

The most recent of these is the verbal sparring match that took place on CNN today, between Illinois Tea Partier Rep. Joe Walsh and anchor Ashleigh Banfield, over comments that Walsh made about Iraqi war veteran Tammy Duckworth not being a "true hero" because she talks too much about her military service. Oh, and just so you know, Tammy Duckworth served 20 years in the army, and only ended her career when an enemy attack resulted in the loss of both of her legs. 

In the interview, Walsh refuses to apologize, a move that angers Banfield - and then their conversation devolves into a 10-minute screaming match, complete with petty insults, accusations, and figurative steam blowing out both their ears.

Check out the video of the interview, courtesy of Mediaite, above.

[via Mediaite]