Everyone's had the conversation. You know the one—where you reminisce with your crew about what you used to be able to get for a dollar. When you were young, it felt like you could walk out with half a convenience store for a buck. Maybe our memories have exaggerated things just a little, but it doesn't seem like a single Washington is getting you very far these days. And then along comes McDonald's to take you back like an old jam coming on the radio.

If you live in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware or West Virginia, then your neighborhood McDonald's is offering any size beverage for a single dollar. That's right, penny counters everywhere, this is reason to rejoice. Now you can get a large, refreshing beverage for the same price as a quarter-gallon of gas, half a ride on public transportation, or 15 minutes of downtown parking. Bring some friends and a stack of ones just to show off—they pick the size, you make it rain.