When Fort Walton Beach police questioned Sandra Phelps, 47, about $200 in cash stolen from a woman's purse, she handed the officer her purse and told him to search it. Normally, one would only do such a thing if they were innocent, not if they were concealing cocaine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. Oh, and most of the stolen cash. 

When approached by the Fort Walton Beach Police about the theft, Phelps stated that she had no idea what they were talking about. An officer asked her how much money she had in her purse, and she said $50, handing him her purse and gave him permission to look. 

The officer found roughly $175, a joint, a canister of a "white, powdery substance," and a straw with white powder residue inside. When police consulted security camera footage later, Phelps was seen grabbing and digging through the woman's purse. Needless to say, she was arrested.

Phelps probably overestimated how "innocent' her gamble made her look. 

[via nwfdailynews.com]