We still don't know all that much about PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, Sony's version of Super Smash Bros. that was revealed in April. But at least now we do know one thing: the release date.

PS All-Stars is coming Oct. 23 for North Americans and Oct. 24 in Europe, and it'll launch simultaneously for PS Vita and PS3, which will be able to play with one another. Joy!

More important, of course, is the full character roster, which Sony is keeping tightly under wraps. The bastards. We're still rooting for Kevin Butler.

What about you? Who do you want to make it into the game? We've had some great suggestions in the comments in the past, like Kingdom Hearts' Sora and Shadow of the Colossus's Wander, so see if yours measure up below or on Twitter.

[via Joystiq]