The tech industry would really like us to believe that wearable computers is the future. First Google hit us with its Glass project, then word came out that Apple was granted a patent for its own head-mounted computer, and now Olympus has joined in. The Japanese electronics company this week announced its MEG4.0 wearable display prototype. 

Seven years in the making, the MEG4.0 features a QVGA 320-by-240 display, Bluetooth connectivity, and a built-in accelerometer. According to a press released by the company, the device can last up to eight hours if used moderately. There's no word on when the MEG4.0 will leave the prototyping phase. 

Is this just the tip of the iceberg? Apple, Google, and Olympus all began working on a wearable computer project around the same time. We expect more companies to throw their hat in the ring. Head-mounted computers may not be the next big thing (we really, really hope it's not), but just incase it is, we're sure companies like Microsoft wouldn't want to be left out. 

[via PC Mag]