The Def Con Hacking Conference is attended, for the most part,by hackers and specialists who believe in the freedom of technology and that the U.S. government is working to limit everyone's digital liberties. So you can almost imagine the mood in the room when Keith Alexander, the four-star general tasked with heading the National Security Agency (NSA), took the stage and told the audience that he needed their help. 

That's exatly what happened yesterday at Def Con's 20th anniversay conference in Las Vegas. Alexander, clad in a t-shirt and jeans, went up the podium and told the room that "privacy must be preserved and that they could help by developing new tools," reported Reuters. "You're going to have come in and help us," Alexander told the crowd. 

After trying to convince the adults, Alexander reportedly stopped by the "Def Con Kids" conference and told the nation's future hackers that they should think about working for him at the NSA. 

"Keep working on this," he said. "We need you in the future."

[via Huffington Post]