In this brutal story out of Nigeria, a group of women all married to the same man raped their husband to death. Uroko Onoja, a businessman from Ogbadibo, had six wives. Onoja had entered his youngest wife's bedroom after returning from a local bar around 3 a.m. when he was accosted by the rest of them.

Armed with knives and sticks, they demanded that he have sex with all of them at once. By the time it was his fifth wife's turn, he had already stopped breathing. The story was confirmed by Okpe Odoh, the village head. He told the Nigerian Daily Post that an investigation has been launched to find the wives, who reportedly fled into the forest. 

It's believed that the women planned the attack while Onoja was away, and this whole mess makes you wonder what would push them to such extreme measures.

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[via NY Daily News]