The day before their wedding, Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson of Jackson, MS, were told that they would have to find a new location for the event because, as the pastor put it, other members were uncomfortable with a black couple being married there. 

The First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs does not exclude black members, which is precisely why pastor Stan Weatherford was so shocked by the response to the wedding. Aiming to do the right thing, Weatherford performed the ceremony at a different church. 

The church will conduct internal meetings to decide how to proceed. As expected, nobody is willing to come forward and admit to having an issue with a "black wedding," but there were reportedly five or six people who voiced just that complaint. A number of members have spoken out against the decision after the fact, saying they were unaware of it.

What's truly unfortunate about the situation is that Te'Andrea Wilson had been attending First Baptist for a year along with her father, and her uncle was a custodian at the church.

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[via Gawker]