Since its $50 million renovation and reopening, things have been all but smooth at Brooklyn’s McCaren Park Pool. Aside from the long lines, there have been attacks on lifeguards and cops, robberies and poop in the pool. All of this in a mere two weeks of operation. Since when was the word “lifeguard” associated with guarding your own?

The Post spoke to a lifeguard for an inside opinion about the problems. Opting to remain anonymous, the lifeguard revealed that the staff prays for “rain” and a swift end to every day as soon as it begins. It was also revealed that numerous people show up “drunk and high,” because it’s clearly more fun to cool off on a hot day while completely intoxicated.

The lifeguard was relieved by the increase of police after a cop was punched, but understandably disgusted by the appearance of floating feces. The lifeguard recalls telling adults to get out of the pool to no avail, and witnessing a kid stepping on a piece. That’s enough to make some people quit the “$13.55 an hour, plus overtime” job, and though the lifeguards have been given the option to transfer, none of them have.

Sounds like one of our 100 coolest places was much cooler when it was still a concert venue.

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[via Gothamist]