Maybe it's the glowing reviews. Maybe it's the fusion of mobile and desktop, and the intense focus on sharing. Or maybe it's the $20 price tag. Whatever the reason, Apple's newest operating system, Mac OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion, is the people's favorite. The numbers don't lie.

Chitika, an online ad provider, released a report showing that Mountain Lion made up 3.2% of the entire Mac OS X market just 48 hours after release. By comparison, Chitika says it took Apple's last OS, Mac OS X Lion three months to garner at 14% market share. If you take a look at its chart (image 2), you'll see that Mac OS X 10.6 is the most popular Apple OS, with over 45% market share. At this rate, Mountain Lion will be at 15% by next week. 

[via Digital Trends]