While it's not exactly the booze cruise that Rihanna seems to be treating herself to, her gal Katy Perry is reportedly planning a vacation of her own. A source says a three-month 'healing holiday' is in the works for the singer.

"Ever since Katy split from Russell [Brand] in December, she's been saying she wants to get away from everything and truly heal her heart," says the source. "Katy's said she wants to jet off to a place where she's never been. She's planning a three-month vacation with her brother David, and one of her best pals. They've provisionally booked a trip to South America, starting off in Peru and doing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, something Katy's always wanted to do."

Obviously it's been a busy few months for Perry. She had the divorce, yes, but she's also released a film and been touring like crazy. It's been non-stop. So we get it. Take your time, Katy.

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