Perhaps Kate Upton's been listening to her detractors. The curvaceous model has been criticized for not being fashionable enough to receive all the praise she's gotten in the past year.

Maybe her critics are right? The reality of it is she definitely doesn't come off as a real high fashion chick. Which is cool and all, because really, how many people are like that in real life? It's about time we have a model who normal people can sort of see themselves in. Yeah, Kate's bad as hell, but not in a way where you might think she's any different from the girl next door. There's something to be said for that.

Anyway, it seems like perhaps she's shifting away from shaking her boobs in Youtube videos with Terry Richardson and more into being a regular fashion model or something. At least that's what we can glean from this recent shoot she did for The Sunday Times. Then again, she could be back to doing the cat daddy dance tomorrow.

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