Next time your wife/mom/grandkids/parole officer gives you a dirty look when you tell them you're heading off to get drunk with friends, throw this study in their face, shake your head like you think they're an idiot, and explain, "Doc says it's good for me!"

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh gathered 20 three-person groups of strangers, gave some of the trios alcohol, some placebos, and some non-alcoholic control beverages, and then videotaped them hanging out. To the surprise of not us, the groups given the hard stuff were more likely to have "true" smiles, to stay engaged in each other's conversations, and to enjoy something called "golden moments" (sadly, they don't explain what these entail). So yeah, strangers are much more interesting when you're drunk. Who'da thought that?!?

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[via The Awl]