As tablets get smaller, it seems smartphones are getting larger. While rumors have Apple prepping a seven-inch iPad to compete with Google's new Nexus 7 tablet, a report coming out of Korea says that Samsung is looking to make its biggest smartphone, the Galaxy Note, even bigger. 

Released earlier this year, the Galaxy Note straddles the line between tablet and smartphone with a 5.3-inch display and an accompanying stylus. Slightly smaller is Samsung's latest top-of-the-line smartphone, the Galaxy S III, which measures in at 4.8-inches. Both phones are significantly larger than Apple's iPhone which has rocked with the same 3.7-inch display since the phone's release in 2007. 

According to Korean publication MK Business, the next Galaxy Note will have a 5.5-inch display, along with a quad-core processor and a 12 MP camera. Not a big difference, really, but when it comes a device you carry around with you at all times, every half-inch counts. 

[via Washington Post