Is it fun going back through the entire DC catalogue to decide what characters to use?
It's fun and It's really tough. Because, if you think about the depth of the DC universe, and how many really cool characters there are, how do you whittle it down to however many make it to the final game? Yeah, it was really fun and there were a lot of spirited debates at the office. But in the end, I think people are going to be pretty happy with who's going to be in the game.

Have you taken a lot of fan feedback into account in that area?
We always pay attention to what our fans are saying. The roster was selected internally (with some input from DC, of course) but in terms of balancing the game as we go, Comic-Con is the first time it's playable by the public, and we've paid attention to what people are saying. Going forward, we'll also be watching Twitter and Facebook and paying attention.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the two characters who were announced—Nightwing and Cyborg?
Yeah, absolutely. They're actually two good examples of the two different character classes that are in the game. Nightwing is what we refer to as a gadget character. He's much more acrobatic and relies on things like his wing-dings as well as his staff. He has two different fight styles, so you can switch between staff attacks, or he can split the staff into two fighting sticks. Cyborg is what we're calling a power character. He's stronger than Nightwing and also has a lot of gadgets, but he's got a lot of projectile-based attacks. He's got cannons, rockets and missiles that he fires. Nightwing and Cyborg are very different in the way that they play, and hopefully people will like them.

Can you reveal any more about the character roster? How many characters will there be overall?
We haven't announced that yet. If you've played the last Mortal Kombat, that'll give you a good idea how many we'll end up including with this game. It really does boil down to how many we can get polished to the level that we want them by the time the game comes out.

Are there any left to reveal that are going to be unexpected that fans are going to get really excited about?
That's a great question. Without giving away too much, there's definitely characters that fans are going to get really excited about. Anything more than that, I really can't say unfortunately. You'll just have to wait and see.

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