Long Island police are searching for a man who stuffed a Pomeranian puppy down his pants because he was unable to open the cash register during a robbery attempt. This genius failed three times at breaking into the register while his accomplice created a diversion by pretending to be interested in a another puppy. 

Frustrated, the man opened a cage and shoved the 10-month-old dog down his pants. Because, of course, nobody would ever notice. The botched theft lasted for 20 minutes, and was captured by a security camera. 54-year-old Harsha Perera says the cage was supposed to be theft-proof. The register apparently was, for idiots at least.

Perera is unsure why the robbers selected his store, and is offering a $500 reward for the stolen dog. If anyone in Long Island sees a dude still dumb enough to have a dog stashed in his pants, you've found the robber.

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[via NY Daily News]