Before Prometheus re-introduced audiences to R-rated sci-fi/horror this summer, director Guillermo del Toro was planning on doing the same exact thing with a big screen adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. Unfortunately, the prospect of a big-budget R-rated horror movie was too much for Universal Pictures to handle and the studio pulled the plug on the project.

Now in an interview with Empire, the director expands upon the failed movie and how he hopes to revisit the idea down the road.

“For me, the collapse of At the Mountains of Madness was a soul-shattering experience. It was very difficult for me that that movie didn’t happen,” said del Toro. "We designed the creatures, the sets, we were scouting the locations, and went through any number of drafts. Everything was going and then it collapsed and it was a big blow. It was a very debilitating moment.”

He then gave fans a glimmer of hope for the movie's future by adding, “But I think we may still make it. When I’m brave enough to go and see Prometheus, I’ll know. But for now, I don’t know. We are all nothing but human beings. I go to the theatre, I buy my ticket for Prometheus and I go and see something else, because I’m afraid. I’m not a mental entity, I am also emotional, because the ideas are similar, from what I’ve heard and I’ll see it next week, I promise!”

There you have it. Once del Toro gets done with the countless other projects he's attached to, maybe we'll finally see At the Mountains of Madness.

[via Empire]