Oh, what to say about Georgia's Tonya Fowler. The mugshot kind of speaks for itself, which probably explains why she was so upset about it. But what would make her think that calling 911 to express her disgust with her own mugshot would accomplish anything?

Fowler's mugshot appeared in the Bad & Busted paper for a prior arrest, and she took immediate offense to how it turned out. In other news, so did the rest of the world. Fowler was told that, no, 911 is not a joke, and that she should only contact them for emergencies, violence and injuries. Fowler has dialed 911 in the past to state that she needed a place to keep her sleeping bags, so that advice fell on deaf ears.

She was unlawful use of the emergency service and provided a new mugshot. Here's the kicker: the image you see is the new one. There's some definite room for improvement, but we hope she's happy. So does 911.

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[via The Huffington Post]